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Here at Smonkeys we help other sock monkeys find homes. Each are unique handmade sock monkeys, stitched and styled at the Smonkeys cottage, using all new materials, filled with poly fluff and hug tested.

Whether you're looking for a custom crafted sock monkey or one that is ready to go, please email inquiries. Here is a sample of some of the custom handmade sock monkeys who have passed through the Smonkeys doors.

For list of which monkeys are available for immediate placement, visit our gallery at Cottage Linen, where purchases can be made using Paypal, Mastercard or Visa, through our secure servers:

Handmade Sock Monkeys Ready to Go





Sock Monkey Twins

Twins in pajamas! These sock monkeys are great pals to hang out in your PJs and play video games or watch with.


Big button eyed sock monkey enjoys a day in the park


Disney Princess costumes for Sock Monkeys

Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Ariel & Belle. Vintage Nelson socks. All embroidered details and double stitched for small child safety.

Scuba Diver Mountain Ciimbing Sock Monkey

Action and adventure sock monkey, all equipped for extreme sports.


Ballerina Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey ballerina with an attitude.

Berkeley protester monkey comes with his own little protest sign

Berkeley Protester Sock Monkey. Tired of going to the demonstrations alone? No matter what the cause, this dedicated little buddy has his sign ready to join you. Check out his furrowed brow; he's concerned! Comes complete with a hand lettered "I Protest" sign and tie-dye shirt.

Sock Monkey worries about where he's going to live

Finding life a little stressful? Here's a Sock Monkey pal that will carry the weight of all your worries.

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