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  Bubba's Sock Drawer

This is our pal Bubba, from Bubba's Sock Drawer. He's a pretty snazzy dresser with a great sense of humor. Always fun things happenin' at the Sock Drawer. Cha Cha Cha.

  Red Heel Monkey Shelter Message Board

There's ace reporter Benny Hathaway writing from the Red Heel Monkey Shelter. We have many friends there and the RHMS Message Board is the place to be for sock monkey conversation.


Lucius, international monkey of mystery. The indomitable Lucius M. Monkey has the most amazing travels and exploits all over the world. Pictures and tales are offered in vivid detail on his own website.

Lucius M. Monkey  

Spock Monkey, the most logical sock monkey on the internet. You can read his musings in his blog or adopt your own sci-fi sock monkey from our half-Rockford half-Vulcan friend.

Spock Monkey- half vulcan sock monkey  
  Daisy Marie of the Sunnyflower Farm chats with Coco No tour of Sock Monkey cyberspace is complete without a visit to the Sunnyflower Farm, where our dear friend Daisy Marie tends the most lovely garden and shares adventurings with her many friends.   No matter where they park their heel, sock monkeys around the world like to have fun. Check out the hijinks in our friend Socky's World in Japan. Socky - Calling from Japan  
Ceru Monkey probably rivals Lucius for frequent flyer miles. This globe-trotting sock monkey has a fondness for the far corners of the earth and generously shares his escapades on his Sock Monkey Fun website. Ceru in meditation on the beach    
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