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Sock Monkey Madness 2006



While Coco was busy with her clothing line, Ginger served as the smonkeys.com roving reporter, filing these images and reports of the Rockford festival and museum.

Ginger tours Rockford

Here's is the museum vending table, filled with all sorts of sock monkey goodies, like these ornaments, socks and books.


miniature sock monkeys from Rockford

Here are some cute little mini-sock monkeys, hand made by the museum volunteers.


Suddenly I heard someone calling my name...


Rockford Sock Monkeys

It was this bin full of nice local Rockford monkeys who invited me in for a visit. These guys were all up for adoption and ready to travel to new homes. I feel like Marilyn Monroe!


Here were some more local Rockford monkeys that were packed and ready to move to new homes. Really swell monkeys. I had a great time meeting all the locals.






All over the museum and grounds were these large fiberglass sock monkeys, each decorated differently.

Here's the rock and roll theme monkey I met in the museum.

Red Heel Monkey Shelter in the Rockford Museum

Wow, look, it's our friends from the Red Heel Monkey Shelter, on display in the museum.

Uncle Frank and Ginger

Here's Uncle Frank, originally from Ceru's community in Oregon. It was great getting to meet him. He's living with a writer in California now.

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