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Spring Break 2006



This year for Spring Break, some of us headed East to the Sock Monkey Madness Festival in Rockford, Illinois. It was so much fun meeting lots of our sock monkey friends from around the country.

Our trip started with an early morning plane ride to Chicago.

Ginger had to pause in Chicago for a photo op at the House of Blues, before we hit the road to drive to Rockford.

There were a few bumps in the road. After 12 hours of travel, when we got to our hotel, they bounced us to some place down the street and cancelled the rest of our reservation. Gosh, were we ever upset, since we had made our guaranteed reservation way ahead and all of our other sock monkey pals were staying at the same place. Lesson learned, when in Rockford, don't book at this place!

Coco and Knitty, kicked to the curb.

But we're not the kind of monkeys that let a snag ruin our weekend. We got ourselves settled in a nearby hotel and got ready for MonkeyFest '06. Coco found a little time to chill by the pool before the festival.

Coco relaxes by the hotel pool.




Sock Monkey Madness 2006

Opening morning of the festival was amazing. Coco was introducing her new line of sock monkey clothing, Coco's Closet, and the people and monkeys of Rockford really seemed to like it. The designer t-shirts were sold out in the first few minutes. We introduced the nice folks in Rockford to a new line of 100% sock monkey safe pets that we've been breeding, glove dogs.

We were also happy to host the Star Trek crew. Scotty, Spock, Uhura, Kirk and Sulu from Spockmonkey.com shared our booth.

We browsed through the festival to visit booths of our friends from the Red Heel Monkey Shelter. They had so many cool buttons, trading cards, shirts and other monkey stuff.

The Fluff.tv monkeys and critters came all the way from Houston. They had the most amazing sock creations and one of their monkeys, Offeelia, creates these terrific paintings.



The Sunnyflower Farms monkeys came all the way from Missouri. It was really nice to finally meet our online friends in person, including the lovely Daisy Marie. That monkey girl is just filled with rays of sunshine and spreads cheer wherever she goes.



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