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News: Coco's Closet Sock Monkey Clothing is back online! To coordinate with the Sock Monkey Madness Festival in Rockford, IL, March 5-6, 2011, we've put some of the basics online, and will be adding more clothing selection through the spring. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask Coco!

Coco's Closet is the only sock monkey clothing line made exclusively for sock monkeys, by sock monkeys.


In 2008 we made a Sockumentary film on the plight of homeless sock monkeys. In 2009 we're working on a new film, Snag, due out summer 2010. The first trailer is below:


Whether you're looking for a unique hand-made sock monkey out of Rockford Red Heels or vintage Nelson Rockford socks, you may find it at S'monkeys. We can make a custom sock monkey to your specifications, or send one of the unique handmade sock monkeys ready to go in our gallery.

Lots of new handmade sock monkeys looking for a home! Visit our sock monkey gallery of available sock monkeys, ready to travel to your home. To see some of the custom handmade sock monkeys who have gone on to new homes after being stitched in Smonkeytown, take a peek at our Get a Sock Monkey album.

Coco's Closet goes online. Handmade sock monkey clothing. From overalls to party dresses, every piece is as unique as your sock monkey. Coco's Closet is the only online source for sock monkey clothing. New, in 2013, Coco is expanding the selection. Look for new items added each season.

S'Monkeys is a community of sock monkeys who have been adopted from different circumstances and provided a safe home with internet access and a well stocked cookie jar. Guided by the three Spicy Girls; Ginger, Coco, and Cinnamon, the S'monkeys community creates crafts, clothes and a little mischief.

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